Who is

Ali Duncan?

Energetic Catalyst

The only constant in this life is change.

Over the past 15 years, Ali has evolved within her life experience, giving ther the knowledge to support and guide others on their own paths.

She aims to get you to challenge your everyday beliefs, question your thoughts, and rewrite the roles you have chosen to play.

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Intuitive & Energetic

Services & Coaching

The fastest route to change is through non-resistance.

When you accept & love yourself exactly where you are, you support your own healing & transformation. From tarot readings to energetic attunements to personalized long-term guidance, Ali offers space for you to be the change-maker.

Transformational Online Courses

Online Courses

Growth, healing & change is accessible to everyone who wants it.

These courses are designed to be easy to follow, simple to practice and completely transformative. Give it one week to feel the changes and you will see the results. Ali’s courses cover everything from stepping into your powerful, confident self to learning how to overcome the 4 emotional horsemen that show up in our lives everyday.

Reset your Frequency

Emotional Clearing & Recalibration

What frequency are you putting into the world?

We all experience challenges as we maneuver through this amazing adventure called life. What most of us don’t know is that our emotions are catalysts for what we experience in our reality.

Your inner world creates your outer world.

Success is a Mindset

Life Path & Business Coaching

Ali left a career with a reliable paycheck, all the while knowing she had more to offer herself and others. Today, Ali owns and operates four successful businesses.

Her approach to running and growing a business is based on mindset & focus, instead of strategy & control.  She has worked with many successful small business owners, helping them evolve their mindset, the way they view their work, and how they thrive.

Allow Ali to create an individual program, using your combined intuition, to reframe, succeed and flourish.

 Featured Offerings

Intuitive Sessions

We will break down your current life experience and address the changes that need to be made in order to fulfill your wants and desires.

Yoga & Movement

With years of experience guiding movement and yoga, your personalized session will be tailored to what you need, mind, body & soul.

Energetic Massage

This transformative experience frees the body & sets the intention for healing by attuning to the Divine, utilizing prayer, breath, and energy work. 

Blessings & Clearing

Your home is your haven. Together, we will create the nourishing, clear and restful space you deserve.

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