all of us are on our own, unique journey. when i found ali duncan, it was during a time that i needed support more than ever. she is kind, warm, and very in touch with a part of life that i needed. her healing techniques are calming and personal. ali is capable of healing and supporting an individual where they alone need it. i am so thankful i have found her, and i consider ali one of my life guides. she helped me awaken to meet more of my potential, shift my perceptions, and strengthen my love for myself.

/  lynn  /

while i’ve known ali for 20 years, i began my spiritual journey with her about two years ago. just after our first session, i knew my goal would be to see her on a monthly basis. not only do i feel a peace and understanding with myself while i’m with her, she gives me the tools to be the person i strive to be, in my everyday life.

/  shannon  /

ali is a gifted healer and all-around wise woman. she has a gift for giving space (allowing you to process privately), while also being an agile, intuitive guide–a companion with perspective along your inner journey. i received lots of things in my session, new concepts to apply to my life as well as a widened perspective of life and how energy works. it was also nice that she addressed a few things (like love patterns) without my having to tell the story — just getting to the heart of the matter was greatly helpful. enjoy your adventure!

/  anonymous  /

guide. inspire. encourage. influence. these are just a few words that i think of when i think of ali. her wisdom, patience and healing has helped me overcome life events that i had been holding on too tight of.  she has showed me and continues to remind me to acknowledge the beauty in letting go, to remember that i am my “truths” over my “facts”, and above all to have – gratitude for everything. i lean on ali’s wisdom and insight daily, and i look forward to our sessions and how amazing i feel physically, spiritually and mentally afterward.

/  pilar  /

ali has given me a new perspective on life in general. particularly about my own life, and self awareness through her counseling. this has been on the level of spiritual (not religious) awakening. about energy and self, and being in the moment. it feels like a fog is cleared every time i listen. this awareness has changed my thoughts, which in turn has changed my view on my relationships and the power that i hold with this new awareness. she is wise beyond her years, and teaches with pure love. i am a forever student, forever grateful for her in my life.

/  forever student  /

i’ve been seeing ali for a little over three years now, and i have experienced and amazing transformation in my life ever since our first session. by having her release trapped emotions, i’ve been able to reconnect with parts of myself that i somehow lost a long time ago.

i went through a phase in which i had a lot of anxiety, especially in social situations, and just an overall feeling of being lost in life. after my first session with ali, i had an intense shift in energies. ever since then i’m still amazed at how much progress i’ve made (and continue to do). my life has made a drastic change, both physically and spiritually since working with ali.

i’ve found that life flows much more easily, and i’ve learned so many great tips and tools from her that help me when i want to strengthen my positive thinking and intuition. i still see ali for “maintenance” every few months, to clear out any old energies and feel more balanced. i always look forward to seeing her because she exudes this amazing energy, and is just a wonderful person to spend time with. i highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in energy healing, because ali has got to be the best healer in denver.

/  megan  /

i have a completely different outlook after i walk out of a session with ali. i feel this indescribable sense of peace and connection. i am a better mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter and professional. the world is much more beautiful…

/  jill  /         


i was going through a very hard time in my life with a pending divorce, death of my brother , and the worst year i’ve ever had in my sales career. a friend that had recently gone through troubled times herself recommended me to ali and also to reiki. she said that it had changed her life for the positive , and at that point i was willing to give anything a try.

i was not familiar with reiki, and my friend said that i should go in with an open mind. at my first appointment , ali was amazing and made me feel very comfortable and answered any questions that i had. i’m sure that everyone’s experience is different, but i left my first session feeling lighter and happier than i had in years.

i’m now a regular with ali, and my life has changed dramatically. i’m more confident, self fulfilled, and both emotionally and financially successfully than i have ever been. i don’t think any words can explain how much ali has helped me, and how wonderful she is. i’m a believer in ali and her services, and hope that everyone can find the happiness that i have.             

/ stacey /

“intuitive energy catalyst.” i had no idea what that meant, but i knew after a few yoga classes led by ali that her calming energy and thought provoking statements that made me dig deep, would help me find and maintain the balance in life i had been seeking.  

my sessions with ali have taught me so much about energy, what energy i put out to the universe, the universe will match.  just holding that thought daily, has retrained my thoughts and attitude.  ali always has a way of putting life situations and stresses into perspective, making them seem so simple to handle.  i have learned to release judgment, nothing is good or bad, it just is.  physically ali has brought me relief from chronic back pain and taught me how to mentally control my physical pain.  all my sessions with ali end with balancing my chakras and energy, leaving me feeling grounded and balanced again.  

i would urge anyone seeking to fully live and feel a balanced life to go experience a session with ali and find out for yourself what an intuitive energy catalyst can do for your life.

  / amy /

my sessions with ali always leave me feeling like it’s possible to live as the best version of myself.  ali’s gifts enable her to truly get to the heart of what may be weighing you down and holding you back from truly connecting with the purpose of this life, it’s like having the curtains drawn open in a very dark and dusty room.  i always feel energized, engaged and present after each session and the slow but steady progress i know i am making toward healing and happiness can be directly attributed to how ali has helped me.  thank you ali!

/ sarah /

i learned of ali through a close friend who had just begun to see her and was experiencing some life changing growth, which was visible and very obvious to me and others close to her.  i felt inspired to witness these changes in her, and an increasing pull to schedule a visit with ali myself – so i did.  at the time i had very little (if any) experience with reiki or energy healing before, and i had no idea what to expect.  i also didn’t know exactly what i wanted to see her for, even when i arrived and met her for the first time. but during our first session, ali was able to identify a couple of things in my life that were serious emotional burdens and had been for years.  this session was a doozy!  she accomplished so much in the way of clearing negative energy that had been plaguing me emotionally and physically throughout most of my adult life. within less than a week, i experienced major shifts in my relationships and in my own consciousness.  i began to think differently.  i became more aware of myself.  i realized that my emotional burdens had been causing physical pain and illness, and i began to feel better physically in ways i didn’t think were possible.  i also found that i was finally able to love myself, to love and truly forgive others, and truly move forward.  this has changed my life in so many ways.

my second session was a year later, after i had a moment of enlightenment and just needed ali to help identify what it meant and what to do with it.  i also needed guidance with a recent shift in my life regarding my health, employment, and insecurities around not knowing how to move forward.  she again was able to identify and clear the negative energies that weren’t allowing me to – again – love myself, and were causing me to revert back to old emotional habits.  i am again more aware and able to focus on changing these things.  i feel so empowered today, and i know that big changes are coming.  i’m excited to see what each day will bring!   ali is a true blessing.  she just has a way of making so much incredible sense out of things that seem so heavy, complicated and burdening, and she somehow meets you where you are in your life and helps you find your way.  she makes it “simple” and helps you find what works for you.  i have learned and grown so much in this last year because of my time with her.

/ kim /